November 19-21 // Schedule 

2020 Virtual Conference



Wednesday and Thursday, November 18-19, 2020


Sectional Meetings + Conveners


Old Testament (Convener: Jody Washburn)

Wednesday, November 18 at 3.30pm (PST)/6.30pm (EST)

Topic Title: “OT Perspectives on Crisis”

World Religions/Missiology (Convener: John Jones)

Wednesday, November 18 at 7.00am (PST)/10.00am (EST)

Topic Title: “What I Wish They Had Taught Me in College and Seminary about World Religions: Three Lessons for a More Impactful Ministry”with Samir Selmanović


New Testament (Convener: Erhard Gallos)

Wednesday, November 18 at 5.30pm (PST)/8.30pm (EST) 

Topic Title: “Confirmation Bias in Research”


Christian Theology and History (Convener: Martin Hanna)

Wednesday, November 18 at 3.30 (PST)/6.30 (EST) 

Topic Title: “The New Andrews University Theological Center for Interdisciplinary Dialogue”

Philosophy and Ethics (Convener: Roy Benton)

Wednesday, November 18 at 5pm (PST)/8pm (EST)

Topic Title: “Planning Session for the Society of Adventist Philosophers”

Practical Theology (Convener: Ernie Furness) will join the Women in Theology Group (Anne Collier-Freed)

Thursday, November 19 at 3pm (PST)/6pm (EST)

Topic Title: “Does Seventh-day Adventist Healthcare Have a Formation Problem?”


Black Theology Group (Convener: Lincoln Nogueira)

Thursday, November 19 at 3.30pm (PST)/6.30pm (EST).

Topic Title: “Adventist Black Theology in light of George Floyd and other 2020 events”

Thursday, November 19, 2020 (5pm-7pm PST)


5.00-5.30pm PST

Welcome (Erik C. Carter and Mathilde Frey)


5.30-7pm PST

Presidential Address (Mathilde Frey)


Friday, November 20, 2020 (7am-5.30pm PST)


Welcome (Erik C. Carter)


7.00-8.30am PST

Session 1: Bible and History (Chair: Ross Winkle)

Melissa Brotton, “Established Forever: The People of God in the Sabbath Psalm”

Andy Blosser, “The Earth-Healing Sabbath: Jesus’ Sabbath Miracles and Adventist Sabbath Ethics”

Warren Trenchard, “Evidence for the Sabbath in Christianity before AD 60”


Live Q+A


8.30-8.45am PST



8.45-10.15am PST

Session 2: Theology and Ethics (Chair: Mark Carr)

Rick Rice, “The Sabbath and Human Wholeness: Expanding the Adventist Vision”


Daryll Ward, “Being, Holiness and Freedom: On the Sacramental Character of the Sabbath”


Nicholas Miller, “Prophecy, Sabbath and Jubilee:  The Social Justice Implications for Developing Nations of an Eschatological Sabbath Message”


Live Q+A


12-1.30pm PST

Session 3: Practical Theology (Chair: Ante Jeroncic)

Vaughn Nelson, “Disabling Sabbath: Practical Theological Possibilities in Calibrating Sabbath Time to ‘Crip Time’”


Liam Gearon and Arniika Kuusisto, Sanctifying the Sabbath: Rest as Resistance – Life Trajectories of Finnish Adventist Youth


Live Q+A


1.30-1.45pm PST



1.45-3.15pm PST

Session 4: World Religions (Chair: Paul Dybdahl)

Marina Garner-Assis and Luiz Gustavo Assis, “Shabbat, Istauua, or both? Connections Between the Qur’anic and the Biblical Seventh Day of Creation”


Erik C. Carter, “The Converging of the Ways?: What Sabbath Practice Can Teach Us about Jewish-Christian and Intra-Christian Relations Today”


Andrew Tompkins, “Learning about the Sabbath from Hindu Devotees”


Live Q+A


4.30pm PST

Joint Worship Service with the Adventist Theological Society (Sponsored by the North American Division of SDA)


Sabbath, November 21, 2020 (8am-2.30pm PST)


8-9.30am PST

Panel Discussion #1: “Sabbath and Justice” (Chair: Erik C. Carter; Participants: Mathilde Frey, Marina Garner-Assis, Olive Hemmings, Zack Plantak, Buster Swoopes)


9.30-10.00am PST



10.00-11.30am PST

Welcome + Prayer

Erik C. Carter

Musical Meditation

Oakwood University’s Aeolians


Reading of Scripture (Jn. 5:15-18)

Denis Fortin

Introduction of Speaker

Erik C. Carter



Sigve K. Tonstad, “Meanings that We Need: Does the Sabbath Have Them?”



Confessional + Liturgy

Anne Collier-Freed



Special Music

Oakwood University’s Aeolians

Closing Thoughts

Erik C. Carter

Closing Prayer

Sigve K. Tonstad


1.00pm-2.30pm PST

Panel Discussion #2: “Higher Education in the Age of Covid-19 and BLM” (Chair: Michael W. Campbell; Participants: Gordon Bietz, Ivan Williams, Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, Delbert W. Baker, Amy Rosenthal).

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