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November 21-23 // San Diego, California


The Adventist Society for Religious Studies (ASRS) is a Seventh-day Adventist scholarly community whose purpose is to provide intellectual and social fellowship among its members and encourage scholarly pursuits in all religious studies disciplines, particularly with reference to the Seventh-day Adventist tradition. It was formally organized in New York City, 1979.


Thursday, November 21

Location: Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Room: Sapphire 400 4th level

6:00 - 7:00pm

7:00 - 8:00pm

Registration and Fellowship

Presidential Address

Denis Fortin, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University

“I have had to adjust my views of things”: 

Lessons from the 1919 Bible Conference

8:00 - 8:30pm

Business Session I

Mathilde Frey, Walla Walla University

Friday Morning, November 22

Location: Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Room: Indigo C 2nd Level

8:00 - 9:40am

Paper Session I:

History and Methods

John Reeve, Andrews University

Katrina Blue, Pacific Union College "Closing the Door: The Fundamental Narrative and Its Impact on Adventism"

Michael W.  Campbell, Southwestern Adventist University "The Haunting of Adventism: Ghosts from the 1919 Bible Conference"

Q+A (10 min.)

Heidi Campbell, Baylor University "Adventist Reactions to Women's Suffrage, 1912-1922"

Gilbert M. Valentine, LaSierra University—“Exiting the General Conference Presidency: Orthodoxy, Heterodoxy and Issues of Unity”

Q+A  (10 mins.)


Business Session II:

Mathilde Frey, Walla Walla University




Paper Session II: Theology and Hermeneutics

Olive Hemmings, Washington Adventist University

Charles Scriven—“Facing Finitude: Barthian Light on Adventism’s Long Struggle with the Humanity of Inspired Writers”

John Webster, LaSierra University—“Bombshells in the Playground”: 1919 Paradigm Shifts on Hermeneutics”

Q+A  (10 mins.)

Matthew J. Korpman, Yale Divinity School—“Antiochus Epiphanes in 1919: Ellen White, Daniel and the Books of Maccabees”

Jeffrey Gang, Loma Linda University—"Apocalypse When? Seventh-day Adventist Eschatological Pessimism in the Aftermath of World War I"

Q+A (10 mins.)


Business Session III

Mathilde Frey, Walla Walla University

11:50am -1:30pm


Friday Afternoon, November 22

Location: Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Room: Indigo C 2nd Level


Paper Session III: Ethics and Mission

Zane Yi, Loma Linda University

Aleksandar Santrac, Chesapeake Conference— “The Bankruptcy of Christian Fundamentalism’s Rule-Based Morality: Case Study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Ethics”

Cristian Dumitrescu, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies—“Fundamentalism and Mission: The Seventh-day Adventist Case”

Q+A (10 mins.)

Tihomir Lazic, Newbold College—“Adventist Quest for Truth: A New Methodological Opportunity”

Michel Sun Lee, University of Texas—“Looking Westward, Narrating Eastward”

Q+A (10 mins.)



Business Session IV

Mathilde Frey, Walla Walla University

Sectional Meetings

Christian Theology and History: Martin Hanna, Andrews University


Michelet William, Andrews University—

“The Social Gospel Movement and Adventism in Late Nineteenth to Early Twentieth Century in the United States”

New Testament: Erhard Gallos, Andrews University

Old Testament: Jody Washburn, Walla Walla University

Philosophy and Ethics: Daryll Ward, Kettering College, and Roy Benton, Pacific Union College

Practical Theology: Ernie Furness, Southeastern California Conference of SDA

World Religions/Missiology: John Jones, La Sierra University 

Location: Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina

Room: La Costa South Tower 4th level


Special Meetings

Black Theology Group: Martin Hanna, Andrews University

Women in Theology Group: Anne Collier-Freed, Kettering College


Supper and Vespers for Adventist Scholars

Paradise Valley SDA Church

2701 E. 8th St. 

National City, CA 91950

Saturday, November 23

Location: Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina

Room: Pacific 18 1st level


Paper Session V: Book Panel Discussion

Ellen White's Afterlife by George Knight

Olive Hemmings, Washington Adventist University

Alden Thompson, Walla Walla University

Martin Hannah, Andrews University

Merlin Burt, Andrews University

Michael W.  Campbell, Southwestern Adventist University

Katrina Blue, Pacific Union College




Sabbath Homily

Ella Simmons

Title: "Unless Some Should Guide Us"


San Diego, California