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Annual Meetings Schedule 2023

Adventist Society for Religious Studies 

San Antonio, Texas, November 16-18, 2023

"Cosmic Conflict: Out-of-Date vs. Up-to-Date"


​Thursday, November 16

Marriott River Center Hotel

​6:00-7:00 PM - Reception

7:00-7:15 PM - Welcome and Announcements by President-elect

Lena Toews

7:15-8:30 PMPresidential Address 2023

"Cosmic Conflict: Out-of-Date vs. Up-to-Date: Three Stops on a Journey"

Sigve Tonstad


8:30-9:00 PM - Business Session I

Friday, November 17

Marriott River Center Hotel

6:45-8:00 AM

Adventist Women's Scholars Breakfast hosted by North American Division

Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Republic B

8:00-8:20 AM - Morning devotional

Grand Ballroom, Salon H

Paper: A History of the Book: The Great Controversy, from 1858 to the Storming of the United States Capitol

Michael W. Campbell, North American Division SDA


8:30-9:45 AM Paper Sessions

Grand Ballroom, Salon H

Cosmic Conflict in the Book of Revelation

Sigve Tonstad, presiding


Paper #1: The Identity of Michael in Revelation 12:7

Jon Paulien, Loma Linda University


Paper #2: Making Sense of Suffering, Kingdom, and Endurance with the Help of Revelation 1:9

Oleg Kostyuk, AdventHealth University


Paper #3: Understanding Eternal Gospel in Revelation 14 in Light of its Literary Structure

Zandritiana Lovanomena, PhD student, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies


Con​ference Room 11

Cosmic Conflict and Judgement

Rodney Palmer, presiding


Paper #1: Creation, Cosmic Conflict, and Re-Creation

Martin Hanna, Andrews University


Paper #2: The Relationship of the Divine Judgment to God’s Love: A Biblical-Theological Examination

Jacob Aguimesheo, PhD student, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies


Paper #3: Exploring the Function of the Books in the Heavenly Courtroom in Daniel 7:10 

Etienne M. Irakiza, Student, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies


Conference Room 12

Cosmic Conflict and the Gospels

Zdravko Stefanovic, presiding


Paper #1: Jesus’ Exorcism of the Temple: The Interplay between the Cosmic Conflict and Racial Conflict

Kenley D. Hall, Andrews University


Paper #2: Armed Forces Day? The Paradox of Cosmic Martial Imagery and a Peace Declaration at the Birth of Jesus

Ross Winkle, Pacific Union College


Paper #3: Cosmic Conflict in the Gospel of Mark and Its Significance for the Seventh-day Adventist Message

Igor Lorencin, Friedensau Adventist University


9:45-11:00Paper Session 2


Grand Ballroom, Salon H

Cosmic Conflict in Ancient and Biblical Literature

Lena Toews, presiding


Paper #1: Is a Cosmic Conflict Biblical?

Jean Sheldon, Pacific Union College


Paper #2: The Silence of God and the Manipulative Whisperings of the Spirit: Great Controversy in the Book of Job Unmasked

Jan Barna, Newbold College, UK


Paper #3: The Mother of All Living: Listening to Her Tell the Story of Genesis 3

Mathilde Frey, Walla Walla University


Con​ference Room 11

Cosmic Conflict and Politics

James Walters, presiding


Paper #1: People of the Lie: Christian Alignment with the Antagonists in the Cosmic Conflict

Keith Burton, AdventHealth University


Paper #2: The Politics of Weaponizing the Controversy between Good and Evil”

Jeffrey Rosario, Loma Linda University


Paper #3: The Woman in the Wilderness and Other Tales: A Reassessment of Seventh-day Adventist Interpretation of Revelation 12

Kevin Burrell, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Conference Room 12

Cosmic Conflict and Divine and Human Interaction

David Williams, presiding


Paper #1: Cosmic Politics: Conflict Governance versus Cosmopolitan Shared Governance 

Moises Isaac, Loma Linda University


Paper #2: Race: SDA Hamartiology and Theological Anthropology

Alexander Douglas, Kings College, Cambridge University


Paper #3: The Cosmic Conflict Macronarrative as Key Component in a Fourfold Hermeneutical Structure

Adelina Alexe, Andrews University


Discussion (15 minutes) 

11:00-11:30 - Business Session II (Grand Ballroom, Salon H)

11:30 – 11:45 - Break


11:45-1:00 - Paper Session 3. 


Grand Ballroom, Salon H

The Great Controversy

Michael W. Campbell, presiding


Paper #1: The Role of the Sabbath in the Great Controversy: A Voice from the Past

Nicholas P. Miller, Andrews University


Paper #2: The Great Controversy in Public Perception: California Edition (1859-1889)

James Wibberding, Pacific Union College


Paper #3: “Jacob Defeated God and So Can You: Ellen White’s Important Vision Reconsidered Anew”

Matthew Korpman, La Sierra University

Con​ference Room 11

Cosmic Conflict in Literature 

Alexander Douglas, presiding


Paper #1: Sauron or the White Witch? The Adversary in John’s Gospel

Jonathan A. Campbell, Burman University


Paper #2: Ethics of the Other and Christian Theodicy: A Focus on Emmanuel Levinas

Sunghun Choi, PhD Student, Andrews University


Paper #3

Ivan Karamazov’s Grand Inquisitor, the Mid-Twentieth Century Gas Chambers, and the Need for a Thicker Adventist Vision of the Cosmic Conflict

Zdravko Plantak, Loma Linda University


Conference Room 12

Cosmic Conflict and the End

Mathilde Frey, presiding


Paper #1: The Focal Theme of the End-time Great Controversy in the Central Section of the Book of Revelation

Alfredo G. Agustin, Jr., Asia Pacific International University


Paper #2: Cosmic Eschatology in Acts 2 and its Implications on the Community of Believers

Lena Toews, Union College


Paper #3: Advent Hope on the Edges of Silicon Valley: Technofuturism, Adventist Eschatology, and the Relevance of Cosmic Conflict

Michael Swenson, Safety Policy Manager, Meta, Inc.

1:00-2:00 - Lunch Break


2:00-3:15 - Paper Session 4. 


Grand Ballroom, Salon H

Cosmic Conflict and Theodicy

Zdravko Plantak, presiding


Paper #1: The Devil is in the Details: Black Theodicy from a Cosmic-Conflict Perspective

Ingram London, Oakwood University


Paper #2: Cosmic Conflict as an Answer to Innocent Suffering

Thomas Toews, Union College


Paper #3: De-Framing God: Theodrama and the Challenge of False Narratives in the Face of Evil

Tihomir Lazic, Newbold College, UK


Conference Room 11

Cosmic Conflict in theologians, Old and New

Johnny Ramirez-Johnson, presiding


Paper #1: The Vindication of God’: Edward Heppenstall and the use of the concept of cosmic conflict for reframing the sanctuary doctrine – a contextual study of theological development.

Gilbert Valentine, La Sierra University


Paper #2: Martin Luther and Seventh-day Adventism’s Antichrist(s)

Daniela Pusic, PhD student, Andrews University


Paper #3: “And there was war in heaven” — A Comparison of Ellen White and John Milton on the Fall of Lucifer and Its Theological and Pastoral Implications

Denis Fortin, Andrews University


​Conference Room 12

Cosmic Conflict and Adventism

Olive Hemmings, presiding


Paper #1: Antisemitism and redefining the use of anti-Jewish rhetoric and hate speech in the Church.

Rodgir Cohen, Loma Linda University


Paper #2: Revelation 13 - From Out-of-date to Up-to-date

Mihai Bijacu, PhD student, Andrews University


Paper #3: Cosmic Conflict: A Dynamical Redemption Story

Tammy Wiese, University of St. Andrews


3:15-3:30 - Business Session III (Grand Ballroom, Salon H)

3:30-4:45 - Session 5.  Sectional Meetings by discipline


Grand Ballroom, Salon H

Biblical Studies (OT and NT)

Ross Winkle, presiding


Paper #1: What happened to the thrones in Daniel 7:9

Zdravko Stefanovic, AdventHealth University


Paper #2: Cosmic Conflict and Adventist Ethics

P. Richard Choi, Andrews University


Paper #3: Daniel and Revelation: Blasphemy in the Cosmic Conflict

Bohdan Kuryliak, PhD student, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Ihor Kuryliak, PhD student, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Room 11

Theology, Ethics and History

Martin Hanna, presiding


Paper #1: Cosmic Conflict as Story—Literal and Symbolic

James W. Walters, Loma Linda University


Paper #2: The Power and Relevance of Cosmic Conflict as Aesthetic Narrative

Greg Hoenes, La Sierra University

Paper #3: A Progressive Understanding: The Great Controversy in the past and now.

Donny Chrissutianto, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies


Conference Room 12

Practical Theology and World Religions.

Thomas Toews, presiding

Paper #1: The Great Controversy and World Religions in the Mission Work of Eric B. Hare

Laura Wibberding, Pacific Union College


Paper #2: Cosmic Conflict as the Best Bridge to Others

Christian Dumitrescu, Adventus University, Romania

Paper #3: The Great Contrast: The Psycho-Social-Spiritual Validity of the Great Controversy Narrative in Explaining the Erosive and Corrosive Nature of Evil & Christ’s Bitter Fight for Wholeness

Cory Wetterlin and Duane Covrig, Kettering Health

4:45-5:30 PM - Additional Sectional Meeting and Convener


Grand Ballroom, Salon H

Black Theology Group

Alexander Douglas, King's College, Cambridge University

Conference Room 11

Women's Group

Lena Toews, Union College

Conference Room 12

Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

Zdravko Plantak, Loma Linda University


Friday Evening, November 17

The First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio

(404 N. Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX 78205)

5:45-9:00 PM - Adventist Scholars' Supper/Vespers by the North American Division Ministerial Department

Sabbath, November 18

Westin Hotel, Navarro Room

9:00 -9:20 AM - Devotional (paper)

From the Minutest Atom to the Greatest World: Worship

David A. Williams


9:20 -10:35 - Sabbath School panel discussion.

"Cosmic Conflict: Out of Date, Up to Date?" Implications for the Curriculum at an Adventist Institution of Higher Learning.

11:00-12:00 - Sabbath Service. 

Sermon: "Navigating the Cosmic Conflict: Insights from the Great Controversy Motif" by Dr. Daniel Duda

Friday Morning
Friday Evening
Friday Afternoon
Sabbath Morning
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