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November 19-21 // Schedule 

2020 Virtual Conference



Wednesday and Thursday, November 18-19, 2020


Sectional Meetings + Conveners


Old Testament (Convener: Jody Washburn)

Wednesday, November 18 at 3.30pm (PST)/6.30pm (EST)

Topic Title: “OT Perspectives on Crisis”

World Religions/Missiology (Convener: John Jones)

Wednesday, November 18 at 7.00am (PST)/10.00am (EST)

Topic Title: “What I Wish They Had Taught Me in College and Seminary about World Religions: Three Lessons for a More Impactful Ministry”with Samir Selmanović


New Testament (Convener: Erhard Gallos)

Wednesday, November 18 at 5.30pm (PST)/8.30pm (EST) 

Topic Title: “Confirmation Bias in Research”


Christian Theology and History (Convener: Martin Hanna)

Wednesday, November 18 at 3.30 (PST)/6.30 (EST) 

Topic Title: “The New Andrews University Theological Center for Interdisciplinary Dialogue”

Philosophy and Ethics (Convener: Roy Benton)

Wednesday, November 18 at 5pm (PST)/8pm (EST)

Topic Title: “Planning Session for the Society of Adventist Philosophers”

Practical Theology (Convener: Ernie Furness) will join the Women in Theology Group (Anne Collier-Freed)

Thursday, November 19 at 3pm (PST)/6pm (EST)

Topic Title: “Does Seventh-day Adventist Healthcare Have a Formation Problem?”


Black Theology Group (Convener: Lincoln Nogueira)

Thursday, November 19 at 3.30pm (PST)/6.30pm (EST).

Topic Title: “Adventist Black Theology in light of George Floyd and other 2020 events”

Thursday, November 19, 2020 (5pm-7pm PST)


5.00-5.30pm PST

Welcome (Erik C. Carter and Mathilde Frey)


5.30-7pm PST

Presidential Address (Mathilde Frey)


Friday, November 20, 2020 (7am-5.30pm PST)


Welcome (Erik C. Carter)


7.00-8.30am PST

Session 1: Bible and History (Chair: Ross Winkle)

Melissa Brotton, “Established Forever: The People of God in the Sabbath Psalm”

Andy Blosser, “The Earth-Healing Sabbath: Jesus’ Sabbath Miracles and Adventist Sabbath Ethics”

Warren Trenchard, “Evidence for the Sabbath in Christianity before AD 60”


Live Q+A


8.30-8.45am PST



8.45-10.15am PST

Session 2: Theology and Ethics (Chair: David Williams)

Rick Rice, “The Sabbath and Human Wholeness: Expanding the Adventist Vision”

Daryll Ward, “Being, Holiness and Freedom: On the Sacramental Character of the Sabbath”

Nicholas Miller, “Prophecy, Sabbath and Jubilee:  The Social Justice Implications for Developing Nations of an Eschatological Sabbath Message”


Live Q+A


12-1.30pm PST

Session 3: Practical Theology (Chair: Ante Jeroncic)

Vaughn Nelson, “Disabling Sabbath: Practical Theological Possibilities in Calibrating Sabbath Time to ‘Crip Time’”


Liam Gearon and Arniika Kuusisto, “Sanctifying the Sabbath: Rest as Resistance – Life Trajectories of Finnish Adventist Youth”


Live Q+A


1.30-1.45pm PST



1.45-3.15pm PST

Session 4: World Religions (Chair: Paul Dybdahl)

Marina Garner-Assis and Luiz Gustavo Assis, “Shabbat, Istauua, or both? Connections Between the Qur’anic and the Biblical Seventh Day of Creation”


Andrew Tompkins, “Learning about the Sabbath from Hindu Devotees”

Erik C. Carter, “The Converging of the Ways?: What Sabbath Practice Can Teach Us about Jewish-Christian and Intra-Christian Relations Today”


Live Q+A


4.30pm PST

Joint Worship Service with the Adventist Theological Society (Sponsored by the North American Division of SDA)


Sabbath, November 21, 2020 (8am-2.30pm PST)


8-9.30am PST

Panel Discussion #1: “Sabbath and Justice” (Chair: Erik C. Carter; Participants: Mathilde Frey, Marina Garner-Assis, Olive Hemmings, Zack Plantak, Buster Swoopes)


9.30-10.00am PST



10.00-11.30am PST

Welcome, Prayer + Introduction of Speaker

Erik C. Carter



Sigve K. Tonstad, “Meanings that We Need: Does the Sabbath Have Them?” (Jn. 5:15-18)

Confessional + Liturgy

Anne Collier-Freed

Special Music

Oakwood University’s Aeolians


Closing Thoughts

Erik C. Carter


1.00pm-2.30pm PST

Panel Discussion #2: “Higher Education in the Age of Covid-19 and BLM” (Chair: Michael W. Campbell; Participants: Gordon Bietz, Ivan Williams, Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, Delbert W. Baker, Leslie Pollard, Amy Rosenthal).

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